About My Tours

Tour Guidelines

  1. Take only photographes , leave only footprints
  2. Anyone under the age of 18 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian
  3. Please , no children under the age of 12
  4. For your own safety , do not wander away or go exploring on your own. Stay within sight of your guide
  5. No feeding , approaching , or harassing of birds or animals
  6. No collecting or capturing of living shells or other organisms
  7. No littering
  8. No pets allowed
  9. No consumption of alcohol or illicit substances
  10. Possesion of firearms , even with a Concealed Carry Permit , is strictly prohibited on the Sanibel Tour
  11. Failure to comply with these guidelines will result in the immediate termination of the Tour

A Tour of my Tours

All of my tours are of South Florida's most beautiful parks and preserves. Click on the individual tours below to find out details.

Tour Guidelines

Tour Prices

One Person: $162
Two People: $275
Three People: $360

The Beach Tour

Total Hiking Distance: 4 miles

Visit one of Florida's most beautiful beaches with no people around! IgotOne Nature Photography Tours has special access to this State Park before they are open to the public!

Part One: Photograph that perfect Sunrise, many species of exotic birds, plants, Dolphin, and beautiful Beachscapes.

Part Two: Visit a Butterfly Garden and maybe see Gopher Tortoises in their natural environment! Afterwards, we'll hike another trail to see exotic plants and perhaps a Manatee in the backwater.

Take the 10 for 10 Challenge: Take 10 separate photos of 10 different species of birds and get $10 off your Tour!

Tour Guidelines

Tour Prices

One Person: $150
Two People: $250
Three People: $300

Restrictions: The Sanibel Tour is not available on Fridays

The Sanibel Tour

Total Hiking Distance: 2 miles

Visit 3 different locations on this wonderful Tour of Sanibel Island! 

Part One: Photograph a one-of-a-kind Sunrise at a very special place.

Part Two: Visit key locations in a National Wildlife Refuge for photography opportunities of exotic birds, plants, crabs, and unbelievable scenery!

Part Three: Visit a little known part of the Wildlife Refuge at a different location for amazing reflection shots, native wildflowers, and perhaps an Otter, Bobcat, or Alligator! This Tour has a little bit of everything!

Take the Bobcat Challenge: Photograph a Bobcat and get $25 dollars off your Tour!

Tour Guidelines

Tour Prices

One Person: $164
Two People: $260
Three People: $342

The Swamp Tour

Total Hiking Distance: 4.75 miles

Photograph the wonders of the deep , dark Swamp on this two part Tour !

Part One: Experience five different ecosystems on a 2.25 mile boardwalk! See five hundred year old trees, fantastic reflections, exotic plants and flowers-including the Ghost Orchid, perhaps one of the rarest plants on Earth ! Alligators, Anhinga, Barred Owls, Wild Turkeys, Panther, Bobcat, and Bears are all possibilities, at one of the most unique locations in Southwest Florida !

Part Two: At a second location, photograph more exotic wildflowers, Alligators, Red Shouldered Hawks, and many more residents of the Swamp. This beautiful place offers a more up-close, personal view of the wilderness and is not for the faint of heart !

Take the Predator Challenge: Photograph a Bear, Panther, or Bobcat and get $25 off your Tour!

Tour Guidelines